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13.03.2012 - 16.03.2012
Moscow, Sokolniki
Moscow, Sokolniki
BETONEX is the Russian leading specialized exhibition, uniting on its platform all the professionals, developers, manufacturers, suppliers and consumers of technology, equipment and technologies for working with concrete.

The exhibition is officially supported by the RF Ministry for Economic Development, Department of City-Building Policy of Moscow, the Union of manufacturers of concrete, Zhelezobeton (reinforced concrete) Association, Soyuztsement (cement union) Company.

The project aims: demonstration of modern, competitive and energy efficient building materials, technologies and equipment for working with concrete; sharing experiences and creating favorable environment for effective interaction between suppliers and customers in the production and use of concrete.

Visitors: Every year the exhibition is visited by more than 7,000 industry professionals from 17 Russian regions and 8 foreign countries — leaders of major building, installation and construction and contracting companies. Representatives of the self-regulatory organizations, associations, unions, institutions, regulatory authorities, supervision and regulation of the construction market. Specialists, responsible for purchasing and complex supply of construction projects machinery, equipment, materials and tools.

Participants: More than 130 companies from Russia, the CIS, Turkey, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe provide equipment for working with concrete, equipment and machinery for concrete production and transportation, equipment for production of ready-mixed concrete and dry mixes. Cement, concrete, dry mixes, pre-mixes, equipment for concrete quality control. Modern technologies of construction using concrete.


  • Stationary and mobile concrete mixing plants
  • Equipment for production and transportation of concrete and concrete products
  • Equipment for production of ready-mixed concrete and dry mixes
  • Equipment for the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete structures and products
  • Equipment for concrete quality control;
  • Cement, lime, plaster, dry mixes
  • Chemical and mineral supplements, other goods
  • Heavy, light, cellular concrete
  • Formwork for the production of monolithic and precast concrete
  • Self-leveling floors, industrial and decorative purposes architectural concrete, fibrous concrete, concrete products for gardens and parks
  • Monolithic, wire-frame and monolithic construction, large-panel construction
  • New technologies in building with concrete.