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Программа лояльности Viessmann Profi ООО «Виссманн» в преддверии Нового 2016 года запускает программу лояльности VIESSMANN PROFI для продавцов, реализующих розничные продажи оборудования Viessmann и монтажников, осуществляющих монтаж оборудования Viessmann конечному потребителю.

Срок проведения программы: 01.12.2015 – 30.10.2016

Чтобы принять участие в программе зайдите на сайт компании Виссманн, найдите вкладку с логотипом программы, перейдите в раздел программы, зарегистрируйтесь как Специалист.

Победителей ждут подарки:
Четыре поездки на Чемпионат Мира по биатлону 2016 в Австрии, Хохфильцен;
Посещение современного энергоэффективного завода в Германии, Аллендорф;
Подарочные карты номиналом 3000 рублей;
Универсальная форма с символикой VIESSMANN PROFI
Фирменная спортивная сумка Viessmann и многое другое.

Подробную информацию о Программе, правилах регистрации узнайте на сайтах www.viessmann.ru, www.viessmannrus.com в разделе «Программа лояльности», у партнеров и региональных представителей ООО «Виссманн»!


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Smart thermostat from Tony Fadell

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31 October 2011
If ever you ever thought that thermostats were boring, the device from Nest is about to blow your mind. The Nest Learning Thermostat is a brand new gadget designed by the father of the iPod Tony Fadell that learns your behavior and creates a heating and cooling schedule that matches your lifestyle. Over time it learns when you wake up in the morning, when you leave for work, and when you come home — and it can help cut your energy bill in half while saving cash on your utility bills.
Like the iPod, the Nest Learning Thermostat is controlled with a simple wheel that helps you program the temperature and the length of heating and cooling cycles. Every time you turn the wheel it makes a mental note of your actions and begins compiling data on how you like your home cooled and heated. When you leave the house, the thermostat sets itself to an efficient temperature that makes sure to not waste energy heating or cooling unnecessarily while you’re away. But if you’d like to make sure you come home to a nice and toasty living room after work, you can control the Nest from a distance with your smart phone.
It starts to learn your behavior in just a week and has six different sensors that keep track of things like motion, light, temperature and humidity. It knows to change the temperature of a room when you are staying in it, but it also acknowledges when you are just passing through. This is a very handy trick when it comes to saving energy. If, say on Saturday, you are generally home and doing chores at one in the afternoon but on this particular day you happen to be away on a family outing, the Nest will know that it hasn’t detected any motion in a while and will turn the temperature down to an energy saving level till you get back. Best of all, you can simply replace your old thermostat with this new one – there’s no need to change your entire system.
The Nest costs $249 and will go on sale in major electronics stores next month.
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