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Программа лояльности Viessmann Profi ООО «Виссманн» в преддверии Нового 2016 года запускает программу лояльности VIESSMANN PROFI для продавцов, реализующих розничные продажи оборудования Viessmann и монтажников, осуществляющих монтаж оборудования Viessmann конечному потребителю.

Срок проведения программы: 01.12.2015 – 30.10.2016

Чтобы принять участие в программе зайдите на сайт компании Виссманн, найдите вкладку с логотипом программы, перейдите в раздел программы, зарегистрируйтесь как Специалист.

Победителей ждут подарки:
Четыре поездки на Чемпионат Мира по биатлону 2016 в Австрии, Хохфильцен;
Посещение современного энергоэффективного завода в Германии, Аллендорф;
Подарочные карты номиналом 3000 рублей;
Универсальная форма с символикой VIESSMANN PROFI
Фирменная спортивная сумка Viessmann и многое другое.

Подробную информацию о Программе, правилах регистрации узнайте на сайтах www.viessmann.ru, www.viessmannrus.com в разделе «Программа лояльности», у партнеров и региональных представителей ООО «Виссманн»!


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Rusclimat distance learning system

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13 March 2012
Eighth International Exhibition "World Climate 2012", which will be held 12-15 March in the Exhibition Ceter "Expocentre" will delight the visitors not only with presentation of the latest developments in the industry climate, but also with the traditional extensive business program devoted to the discussing a wide range of topical issues and industry market announcements of technological solutions. Specialists of the Training Center "Rusclimat" announce a unique project for clients support and development  - a distance learning system for the climate companies staff.
In this year the e-learning portal GC "Rusclimat» http://learning.rusklimat.ru started its work. This event has opened up new opportunities for learning, both internal company personnel and employees of partner companies. Now you can be trained at any time, without waiting for the scheduled arrival of a lecture or a coach - just turn on the computer.

The convenience of such forms of training is mainly in the fact that students have the opportunity to study the electronic course materials in any place where there is a computer with access to the Internet, and at any time within the period allotted to the pass rate. This is a significant plus distance learning compared to traditional lectures and seminars, which require a complete separation of the employee from his professional activities.
Another advantage is that both can learn any number of people - there is no need to organize study groups, which have significant limitations on the number of listeners. This significantly reduces the cost of staff time and completely dismiss the complexities associated with the organization of learning.
These and other features can be found on the presentation of "Distance Learning System for Civil Rusclimat partners," which will be held March 14 (Thursday) from 15-15 to 15-35 in the seminar hall number 2. We are waiting for you at the exhibition "Climate World 2012."
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