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Программа лояльности Viessmann Profi ООО «Виссманн» в преддверии Нового 2016 года запускает программу лояльности VIESSMANN PROFI для продавцов, реализующих розничные продажи оборудования Viessmann и монтажников, осуществляющих монтаж оборудования Viessmann конечному потребителю.

Срок проведения программы: 01.12.2015 – 30.10.2016

Чтобы принять участие в программе зайдите на сайт компании Виссманн, найдите вкладку с логотипом программы, перейдите в раздел программы, зарегистрируйтесь как Специалист.

Победителей ждут подарки:
Четыре поездки на Чемпионат Мира по биатлону 2016 в Австрии, Хохфильцен;
Посещение современного энергоэффективного завода в Германии, Аллендорф;
Подарочные карты номиналом 3000 рублей;
Универсальная форма с символикой VIESSMANN PROFI
Фирменная спортивная сумка Viessmann и многое другое.

Подробную информацию о Программе, правилах регистрации узнайте на сайтах www.viessmann.ru, www.viessmannrus.com в разделе «Программа лояльности», у партнеров и региональных представителей ООО «Виссманн»!


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The Viega SC-Contur

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15 February 2012
Press connectors are both quicker and safer: processing requires less time, and the SC-Contur from Viega shows up any forgotten pressings at the first filling of the unit or during a leakage test, for example, with water.

Due to tight production tolerances, the pipe and connector appear to be “sealed” even before they have been pressed. Connections can be loosened by pressure surges whilst the unit is in operation; uncontrolled water can quickly cause a considerable amount of damage. Even at very low flowing pressure, water will leak out of the SC-Contur of a connector, which has not been pressed properly. This prevents expensive subsequent damage

The practical processing advantages of press connection technology are equally important, both in new installations as well as in any repair work being carried out on existing systems. Depending on the nominal width, a press connection is completed up to 40% faster than a soldered connection. Another reason is that in addition to the faster pressing process, press connection technology does not have all the time-consuming peripheral jobs such as deburring and calibrating.
When repairing drinking water systems, systems do not need to be fully drained beforehand. Whereas residue dampness makes soldering or nearly welding impossible, pressing is possible even when there is still residual water in the system.

Viega offers the quick and safe press connection technology for all piping systems in all common areas of use. Metallic piping systems like Profipress (copper), Sanpress (stainless steel) or Prestabo (galvanised steel pipe) are all included as is Pexfit Pro as a dimensionally stable composite pipe.
Depending on the material and area of use (e.g. drinking water, heating, gas, compressed air, fire extinguisher pipes), Viega offers suitable press connectors with the corresponding sealing elements. To prevent confusion of these press connectors, they have all been marked with coloured dots. For example, green points are exclusively for drinking water, yellow for gas installations and red for heating installations.
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